【Acutual condition of Japanese hairsalon in Japan】

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Hello, there. I’m barber x hairdressser Taka.

I’ll talk about “hairsalon in Japan” for this post.

You will see a lot of hairsalon if you go to Japan.

Because there is 23million salons… Do you think crazy? I think so too.

Just cut is not usual in Japan.

Most Japanese hairsalon included “massage shampoo”, “sholder massage”, “blow dry”.

Besides, they can haircolor, perm, straightening, treatmern, updo, makeup, and more… But it depend salon.

They have a lot of kinds.

Example, haircolor is “full, touchup, haighlight, graduation( like balayage, main picture for this post), glaycolor” and more.
Perm is “tight, natural, spiral, twist” .

You don’t need tip. Of course you can give it if you want to give your stylist.

You should try it!!!

But, there are many don’t speak English





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